Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last trip home before Brandon arrives!

Today is Brandon's 7 month birthday! Happy birthday little man, I hope you had a great day! We got donuts tonight and sang happy birthday to you.

Patrick and I arrived in PA to visit friends and family for 2 weeks. Well, I will be here for 2 weeks but Patrick has to go back in just 1. On the way here I was thinking about how different it will be the next time we fly here, with our little man!

Tuesday morning I mailed off all the acceptance paperwork to Holt so they will hopefully get it tomorrow or Friday. I'm not sure of the next steps but I know that they will let us know. Mary with Holt is just awesome. She is so quick at responding to email and gets into the office so early! She called me last week at 8:30am my time which is only 6:30 in Oregon! Yikes!

We had to fill out the official adoption form, I864 and I864A forms, provides copies of our tax returns from 2007 and 2008, fill out duplicate and triplicate copies of various other forms. Some of these documents had to be notarized so it's a good thing that I work with a notary!

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