Saturday, May 30, 2009


Sorry I have been so quiet lately, we were on vacation in Florida and just got back on Wed night!

On Thursday we put our house up for sale and already have a showing today and tomorrow! It is such a crazy time right now waiting for Brandon to come home that we thought it would be fun to sell our house and move! Ha!

Seriously, there is a house in our town that Patrick just fell in love with when we moved here 4 years ago. It recently went up for sale so we are trying to sell ours so we can buy this other one. The thought of leaving this great house we live in now does make me sad but I am ok with trying to sell ours and just see what happens.

We have been going crazy packing up the clutter and organizing the house! I will be glad to sit down and rest tonight!

On the Brandon front we are nearing the end. Travel call could come in days, weeks or months (hopefully NOT months). In the time we were gone on vacation his I-600 made its way in and out of the National Visa Center and to the embassy in Seoul! The embassy has sent his P3 to Holt-Korea which is a list of things they need them to return to get his Visa issued. We are not sure how long it will take them but are praying they send them back quickly!

Ok, need to get back to cleaning!

Monday, May 18, 2009

9 months old and EP!


I just called the National Visa center and we are logged in!! I tried to wait until tomorrow to start calling but I just couldn't stop myself!


Happy 9 month birthday baby boy! I'm sorry I can't be with you but hopefully soon!

Yes, today my little man is 9 months old and I cannot wait to celebrate with him. Big things have been happening lately and I am so overwhelmed. When I emailed Lisa at Holt that we got our I-600 approval she informed me that Brandon has actually had his EP (Emigration Permit) since 4/24! Woo hoo!

So tomorrow I will start calling NVC to see if they received the I-600 approval and once they process it, everything we need to bring him home will be in Korea.

Praying that this goes QUICKLY!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

I-600 and a new picture

Yesterday we received a great surprise! We got a picture of Brandon and his foster mom with the care package we sent him! Yay, he got it! Because of the picture layout I couldn't easily crop his foster mother out (I don't think we are supposed to post their pictures) so I just blurred out her face. I am so excited to have her picture to be able to show him who and how much he was loved while we waited for him to come home!

And then today in the mail came great news! Our I-600 has been approved (5/14) and has been sent to the National Visa Center. Only a few more steps and then it will be sent to Seoul. This is a big step and moves us so much closer to getting him home!
Praise God, He is the only thing keeping me from going crazy during this waiting period!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Never been so glad to be fingerprinted!

We just got home from the Omaha USCIS office where we were (finally) fingerprinted for our I-600! I have been waiting for this day for over a month and am so glad it is finally here. Now we just need to wait for the I-600 approval (I am told it will take 2-3 weeks). I am praying we are on the short side of that wait (or even a little earlier, 3 days would be nice! ha!).

So, after we get the I-600 approval then USCIS will send it to the National Visa Center (NVC) and we will be logged in and out of there. NVC will then send our approval to Korea!!! Please join me in praying for a quick processing of all of this, the sooner this gets to Korea the sooner this baby will be home in our arms!

We leave for Florida in 16 days!!! I can't believe it and I can't wait! So much to do between now and then but I know we will get it all done. The most trying of which is that I must get a bathing suit! Yikes! I don't think the people in Florida are ready for my pale self in a bathing suit on the beach! :)

Besides that nothing too much exciting around here, busy getting the house ready for Brandon and trying to get a garden planted. For those who know me, a garden is probably the last thing you would expect from me but I am trying to save some money, eat better,etc. and I figure a garden would be a good start!

We are almost finished decorating Brandon's room and I will post pictures once it's finished!

Update: I just got an email from Lisa at Holt with Brandon's 8 month check up! Woo hoo! He is "cute & fine" and is still pretty tiny! 27.2 inches long and 17.6 lbs!!! He has 2 lower teeth and is crawling and walks with holding! Ugh...I need him to be here with ME! I want to be there for all of this, I am missing so much in his little life, this is so hard!