Monday, March 09, 2009

Introducing Brandon Hye-seong Marshall

I just got word that we are OFFICIALLY matched with our little man. It is my pleasure to introduce you to my son, Brandon Hye-seong!

He was born August 18, 2008 so he is almost 7 months old (I love his birth date 08-18-08 but then again I am a dorky numbers person)! We are still in shock as we weren't expecting a referral until the fall of this year. The reason we got matched so early is because we were open to babies with minor medical conditions, Holt calls this the Waiting Child Program. He was exposed to tobacco use in the womb and, at some point, got a broken left arm. The arm is the only remaining issue for him as he still has some range of motion limitations as well as weakness in that arm since his cast has been taken off.

Our doctor, Dr. Kolb at Boys Town, says that he may need physical therapy to regain full use of his arm. He also said that, if the growth plate is involved, Brandon may have some permanent weakness in his arm and possible differences in length between his left and right arm.
So, now we start the long wait for our travel call. We will not be traveling so Brandon will be escorted to the USA, hopefully to the Omaha airport! We don't know exactly when this will be but it should be 3-6 months from now, we are hoping it will be before his 1st birthday. That would mean he would come home sometime between June and September. We weren't even expecting our referral until October so that is just amazing!
God is awesome!

Thank you all for supporting us on the journey, we appreciate all your prayers and comments!


Josh said...

praise be to God Jen! That is great news. The Lord is doing a wonderful thing for you and this child. My wife and I have talked about this to, but the Lord hasn't put it on us yet.

I will keep you and your family and your newly adopted son in my prayers.

Josh Lippy

Stephanie said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!

I, too, am hoping for the earlier-the-better. We make a swing through Nebraska in June and would love to meet him! If that doesn't work out, at least we can drop off some hand-me-downs!!! (Although I doubt you'll have a shortage.)

Sunny Mom said...

He is so cute! Congratulations on the quick referral. He will do awesome in the loving arms of his parents!

Anita Banerji said...

wow, he is beautiful. I can't wait for him to arrive in Omaha later this year. :) My congratulations and best wishes to Patrick and you, Anita

Rach@In His Hands said...

Congrats!!!!! He is beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations, Jen and Patrick! This is such wonderful news and I am so excited that you got matched so quickly...Brandon is precious!

Elizabeth Acton

Toni said...

Jen, Roe and I are sooooooo happy for you. Brandon is absolutely adorable!!! I know how hard it is to know your baby is so far away. Our prayers are with you all.
All children are gifts from God, but I feel our children are special gifts. It was not in God's plan for me to have a child from my body, I feel instead he gave me one that is of my soul. I was a little concerned that after being with her birth mother her first 8 months and literally going from her birth mother's arms into mine bonding would be difficult. Her mother could not take care of her and turned down 2 or 3 sets of parents before meeting me and almost immediately putting her in my arms. God knew we needed each other and not suprising that my bonding was immediated....hers was too. Your son will be about the same age as Kayla when we got her home.
If you are interested sometime I would be happy to talk with you of our journey.
Oh...people will say things like how lucky your child is....Roe and I, the grandparents, etc have always felt like WE are the lucky ones.
He is VERY bright eyed and looks ready to GO!!! Watch out...he may give you are run for your money...LOL!