Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On the wait strip

I booked my flight to go home for Dyana's funeral. I fly out tomorrow and arrive in Philly at 8:40pm. In order to get a good price on a ticket back here I will have to stay until Wednesday. My mom paid for my ticket, thanks mom!!

On the adoption front we have made great progress! I am waiting on the letter from Holt and then Patrick will mail in the supporting documentation for the grant from Shaohannah. All the paperwork needs to be in by Tuesday, 1/27 so hopefully the letter will come in the mail tomorrow!

And, as of January 6, 2009 we are OFFICIALLY on the wait list. Our home study will stay at headquarters in Oregon until Holt Korea asks for it. I have made two "friends" on a board for Adoption, Nancy and Christina. They both live in NJ and are adopting from Korea through Holt. Christina's log in date is about 4 months ahead of ours and Nancy's date is one week after our. So, since they usually match one month at a time, Nancy and I should get our referrals at the same time!

I am now signed up to get the Holt updates by email and so I should be getting more information about dates they are working on currently. I like that I will be able to tell when we are getting closer!

I am starting to look into fundraisers to help subsidize the cost of the adoption. If any of you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

Prayer requests this week: for my safe travels to and from PA, for our little baby and his/her birth mother, for Harper a 4 day old little baby with pneumonia, for the family and friends of Dyana, for my husband as he stays home alone for the next week.

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