Saturday, August 01, 2009

Computer is up and running!

I know I have been quiet for the past couple of weeks but, only a few days after Brandon came home, our computer died. After many calls to tech support and 2 on-site visits I finally have my computer back!

Brandon is doing so well, everyday just gets better! Here's what has been happening since my last blog post:

* Turned 11 months old
* Gotten 2 new teeth (total of 6 now)
* Decided he LOVES his baths now
* Doing so much better during diaper changes
* Eats just about everything (except baby food peas)
* Just tonight he let me brush his teeth and didn't want me to stop
* He is sleeping well (in our bed, not his crib yet)
[Goes to bed between 9 & 10; up for a bottle about 5 then back to sleep until 9 or 10]
* He doesn't have much patience and gets frustrated easily
* Still loves his yellow blanket but I had to wash it yesterday and he was ok with that
* Loves going for walks in his stroller
* Had his first haircut and HATED it
* Went to his first parade and liked it
* Met the governor of Nebraska (see pic below)
His Nonna (my mom) has been here since last Friday and we are loving her being here. Such a huge help, we will all be sad to see her go on Wednesday.

Here they are meeting for the first time:
Enjoying lunch time:
Meeting the governor of Nebraska:

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Holly said...

What a cute baby! :)