Thursday, February 26, 2009

I600A trouble

Yesterday we got our I600A application back in the mail. The day after I sent it in the bank called to let me know that, instead of an $830 check, they gave me an $850 check. I figured it would not be a big deal, USCIS could just keep the extra $20. Well, I figured wrong!

Patrick got a new check today (for the correct amount) and I mailed out the forms. The Nebraska USCIS office takes about 6 weeks after they get your application to invite you in for finger printing. After they get them it takes about 6 more weeks to get approved. So we should get our I600A approval by the beginning of May.

This shouldn't be a big deal as we are not expecting a referral until later this year although we are praying for a faster referral. If you could, please continue to pray for patience for us, it is a long wait and we are so ready to be parents.

Please also continue to pray for baby Joel and his family, they have been on such a roller coaster since he was born and they really need our prayers.

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