Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Holt Family

That is how the letter we received in the mail today began. It went on to say that they are pleased to inform us that our home study has been approved and sent to Holt headquarters today! After it is reviewed there, it will then be sent to Korea and we will be placed on the list of families waiting for a match!!!! I am beyond excited!!!!!

This is so much earlier than I had thought it would be. God is good! The last I had heard, the home study wouldn't be complete until after we took the classes January 9th and 10th but now, it was sent today and will hopefully get to Korea at the beginning of the year! I just know that God's hand is on this and that the timing is all His doing because of the special little baby He has picked out for us! I can't wait to see how this all works out, all for His glory!

I am not very good at expressing my thoughts and feelings. I read a lot of other blogs and they write so eloquently and beautifully and I feel that my blog just pales in comparison. I know I shouldn't compare myself to them but...that's what I do best.

So, the next step is to complete the I-600A, Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition and send it to the Department of Homeland Security (US Citizenship and Immigration Services). After they get all our paperwork (copies of birth certificates and marriage license) then we need to go in for another set of fingerprints.

After this set of paperwork is in the mail, I will then start to pursue the adoption grants that are out there. The Holt website has list of them and a lot of them are Christian based. There is also an organization that offers interest free loans so I think I will try to secure that in case we need it. I know God will give us what we need to get through this time, physically, emotionally and financially! He always gives us what we need when we need it.

So for tonight I am beyond excited that this is moving forward and we are one step closer to getting matched with our baby! This is a great Christmas present! Although it's a long shot, maybe I can hope to be holding my little one in my arms next Christmas (like I said it is a VERY long shot but all things are possible with God!)

Merry Christmas!!!


stephanie said...

Wow, this is moving fast! Great news ...

Elizabeth said...


i saw on patrick's facebook page that y'all are adopting and he sent me to your blog...i am so excited for you both and can't wait to see what wonderful child/children you have! you are so brave to take yourself on this journey and to put all your emotions about it out for the public to read...as i told patrick, know that we are praying for you!

elizabeth and andy acton
(from columbia seminary)

The said...

GREAT NEWS! ...how'd you hide all of Patrick's inappropriate action figures and ninja swords so well? Any caseworker who saw his "jams" pants collection would immediately start to give you demerits. j/k - ALL THE BEST!