Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's raining...but I'm excited

We just finished all of the preliminary paperwork to start our home study including the first $2,500 check! We had to have something notarized (thanks Linda) and something witnessed (thanks Eric) as well as recall every address each of us has lived at for the past 20 years! Whew!

We are done this first batch and apparently this is the easy set...next up is the lengthy short essay questions for the home study. I am excited.

I am just so relaxed now that I am not worrying about whether I am pregnant or not...no ultrasounds, clomid, ovulation tests, blood work etc for the near future. We do plan on trying again once we have adopted a little one but I think that it will not be the sole focus of our lives since we will have a little one to take care of/worry about.

We are mailing all of this in tomorrow so we should get the rest of the paperwork soon to start! Sill praying for God's will in all of this, I know that the "right" baby will come to us!

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