Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Long needed update

Hey everyone!  It has been WAY too long since I have updated my blog, shame on me!  So much has happened in 2012, it's been a blur!

Ryan turned 2 in March and has the attitude to match it! :)  He loves to watch Bubble Guppies, the Wiggles and Cars.  He can count to 14, recognize numbers 1-9 and knows some of his letters!  Just so I can remember he says Buzz Lightyear like "Baa-ito!"

Brandon will be 4 in August and that is so hard to believe!  It seems like only yesterday we saw the first glimpse of our cute little baby and now he is SO big!  He had his last day of 3/4 preschool back in May.  He will go to 4/5 preschool starting in September!   He is a very fast runner & high jumper and loves to read books and watch Imagination Movers and Fresh Beat Band!

Patrick and I are doing well.  We had a whirlwind April and May with a lot of travel.  We all went back to PA to visit my family for a week and the boys and I stayed an extra week while Patrick came back to work.  We had a great time with family and then got to enjoy my mom for 2 more weeks since she flew home with me and the boys!  We went with Patrick to a conference in Minneapolis and then just enjoyed some downtime.

Patrick was the keynote speaker at a college conference at Mo Ranch in Texas so he was gone for 5 days and came home with a crazy bug bite on his leg!  Ewww! Patrick and Brandon took a long road trip to Kentucky for Patrick's annual family reunion in Salem, KY!  Ryan traveled so poorly on our previous trip that we decided he and I would just stay home.

And last, but certainly not least, Patrick and I are excited to announce that we will be having a baby girl in August!  

I am due August 29th which just happens to be the exact same day I was due with Maddie.  This is my 5th pregnancy, the 3rd time with a baby girl and I have cannot even tell you how hard it has been to not worry about all the "what-ifs" given our track record.  So far everything seems to be going well, I have been feeling as good as a pregnant mommy with 2 active little boys can feel!  I haven't "seen" her since April 27th at about 22weeks so my OB will be doing another ultrasound at my next appointment at 33 weeks.  They have been so great dealing with me as I have needed a lot of reassurance during this pregnancy.

Baby girl doesn't have a name yet but I am hoping to narrow it down to 2 or 3 in the next few weeks.  I have started nesting although, given what happened before, I never like to get too much out.  I am 29 weeks today and my c-section has been scheduled for 39 weeks exactly so we only have 70 days to go!

So, that is our 2012 so far in a nutshell!   Thanks for continuing to check in with us, I know I am not the most consistent blogger!


We are... said...

I am a maternal-fetal medicine specialist and adoptive mom. I have followed your blog for a while. So happy to hear of your healthy pregnancy. That ultrasound picture is beautiful!! Congrats and good luck!

Da young Neun said...

What a cute boys!
And congratulations!! :)