Friday, July 10, 2009

Gotcha Day

8:30am -- Woke up after a not so great night of sleep. Checked flytecomm and saw that Brandon's plane is directly over Nebraska! Should land in Chicago in about an hour!

10:06am -- Korean Air flight 37 has landed at Chicago O'Hare Airport!

12:00pm -- Just left the house! On our way to Des Moines. I am excited and scared, still doesn't seem 100% real. We packed too much but that's ok, we are prepared.

12:49pm -- Entering Iowa

3:00pm -- At the airport. Waiting... 1.5 hours until his flight is scheduled to arrive. Still doesn't seem real but I'm excited.

3:33pm -- Brandon's plane takes off from Chicago!

3:45pm -- Greeter (Trish) arrives with son, sign some papers and wait!

4:32pm -- Flight 7161 from Chicago arrives!

Gotcha Video


Elizabeth said...

congratulations! i LOVED watching the video! good luck getting adjusted! you are all 3 (!!!) in my prayers!

love, elizabeth acton

Stephanie said...

Thanks for that! So great to see him join you!

candice said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Wow- Congratulations you guys!!! Brandon is home!

LOVED the video and the way your husband just held him so tightly like that. He just stared at you so sweetly. I can tell how much you are both in LOVE with him!

Congrats again!

Rhea Anne said...

I am crying... I love it!!! Congrats. We are escorting also and that just made me look forward to that moment I see our angel like you saw Brandon. :)

a corgi said...

hi; first time visiting your blog; Congratulations on having Brandon home with you! I cried through the whole video of you meeting your son; what a precious memory that will be for all time and to show him as he grows

it just made me think its too bad airports don't have a special room for reunions like this; I just can't imagine all the emotions going through you and your hubby's minds and to have a little privacy to meet him the first time could have been nice

enjoy every minute with him. every single minute.....even the not so fun moments; treasure each day as a wonderful gift from the Lord

(our 2 adopted kids are 20/23; time does go by toooo fast)